Small business marketing CRM drip marketing

What is Email Drip Marketing

Drip Marketing is a system that uses emails to steadily “drip” out information to a list of prospects and customers over time. Typically this is done through a service such as constantcontact (for larger organizations) or through a Small Business CRM (Customer Relationship Manager / Contact Manager) such as JianSmallBizCRM with Email Marketing.

Drip marketing saves time

By creating a simple series of emails ahead of time and then utilizing the scheduling feature of your CRM solution you can easily run an effective drip marketing campaign with little or no ongoing interaction from you. Your emails are automatically sent per the schedule you defined and your customers and prospects get a slow and constant reminder about your products and or services.

The Benefits of Drip Marketing

  • By consistently touching your potential and recurring clients you stay fresh in their minds.
  • Helps you to develop relationships and trust.
  • Reduces time spent educating prospects.
  • Increase your rate of conversion over time.

Drip Marketing Do’s & Don’ts


  • Give people a reason to respond.
  • Be informative. Give “How To-s” or “Top 10 Lists” to keep them interested and coming back for more.
  • Promote an event such as an upcoming seminar.
  • Make the information provided relevant and short. This will help to keep the prospects attention.
  • Develop a timeline of strategic messages.


  • Do Not push a “hard sell” People do not like to be sold. If an individual believes your emails are just there to sell them, they will quickly learn to ignore you.
  • Do Not overwhelm your prospects with emails. A good rule is to send no more than one email a week.
  • Do Not Blast your entire database with the same email. Make sure you are sending the right message to the right prospect.
  • Do Not be afraid to change your approach. Always test and try new messages. You never know what you will find around the corner.
  • Do Not send the same email twice. Repeats will tend to lower your credibility. When a prospect is exposed to the same email they will begin to overlook future messages.

If your ready to give drip marketing a try but dont want to make an investment in a dedicated email marketing service then give Jian SmallBizCRM with Email Marketing a try free for 30-days.